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Another Demonstration of a Dysfunctional Government

posted: June 23rd, 2016

On Wednesday the Democratic Party lead by John Lewis, a Democrat from Georgia and House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi started a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives. They were supported by more than 170 Democrats who took part in the sit in, lawmakers said. The move echoed last week's filibuster by Senate Democrats, where they had four votes on new legislation for gun control and lost.

After hours of chants and finger pointing, at about 3am Thursday morning Paul Ryan called for a vote on a major appropriations bill without any debate. The House approved the bill, which includes $1.1 billion in emergency funding to fight the Zika virus and more than $80 billion in other government spending. By a vote of 239 to 171. He then adjourned the House until July 5th.

The Democratic Party tries a "publicity stunt" to distract from the real issues causing the horrific mass murders in this country. Mental Health Issues and Terrorism, if you listen closely to what they say, they imply that they are all the same issue Gun Control. But these horrific acts are distinctly different in circumstance. Some are conducted by individuals that have had a history of mental health issues. Some are conducted by people who have been investigated by the FBI and deemed OK. Some are conducted by radicalized followers of hate groups and jihadi groups like ISIS a hardline Sunni Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.

This is a real issue in today's world, but or governments solution seems to be to distract We The People by pulling a stunt that clearly breaks their own rules of conduct. The following links will show unbiased proof of their blatant disregard for the rules of Government.


Committee on Rules
Members Congressional Handbook
Committee on Ethics

General Prohibition Against Using Official Resources for Campaign or Political Purposes

Please take the time we have between now and July 5th to read the information in the above links and contact your Government Representatives in your area and let them know how you fell about what is NOT GETTING DONE in WASHINGTON.

Can we continue down this same path of denial and allowing the Mentally Unstable and Terrorist individuals to endanger our rights as American Citizens? The solutions to this grave problem we all face are not easy. But the process must involve the Government working together to reach real solutions. They need to stop worry about their Legacy and fund raising for re-election and focus on the job they were elected to do, Serve We The People. They are spending too much valuable time with non-productive distractions in an effort to keep the citizens of or great nation in the dark about how current administration policies are not working. They have become so detached from We The People they believe if they repeat something enough times it will become reality. The fact is we all know that not how it works, we live with the consequences of their policies.

This afternoon the Democratic Party ended their sit-in. The "publicity stunt" is over.


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Group Looking for a Name

posted: June 19th, 2016

There is a support group of Great people that have quietly come together to help survivors of the all to often mass shootings that have plagued the United States of America.

Some say gun control is the solution, even though these weapons have all been purchased legally. Some say mental health issues should be addressed, as we all agree these are acts cared out by unstable individuals. Some say terrorist that have been radicalized are what we need to address.

Which ever issue you agree with, get behind it and let your voice be heard. As for the name this Great Group of People should adopt, we say one acronym says it ALL.

Standard Operating Procedure
Save Our Population
Serving Other People
Surviving Obama Polices

Were ever you stand, Please stand and Applaud these Great People because we need them now more than ever. Thank you!


Contact Your Government Representatives

These links will help you get in touch with your local and federal representatives. You will find email address as well as phone numbers to help you communicate with our government officials.

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